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 1st Call Bail Bonds in Minnesota are committed to serving you with friendly and fast expertise jail service 24 hours of everyday of the year.  When something bad happens and you are in need, we'll do all we can to help you and your loved ones.  


“How does bail bonding work?”

When an individual is arrested, a bail may be set by a judge that will allow that individual to get out of jail while awaiting  trial. 

Often, an individual's family will not have the bail money accessible right away.    A bail bond is used and purchased from a bail bondsman or bail bond agent so that the family can pay the entire amount of the bail.

There are many factors that go into the amount of bail.  The more serious the crime, the higher the bail.   Working with 1st Call Bail Bonds in Minnesota, we can help you with a bail bond so you can get your loved one out of the Olmsted County jail.


Service you can count on

We understand


 We understand your stressful  situation.  1st Call Bail Bonds in Minnesota will work quickly to help get someone out of jail.  Our  bail bond services are available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.   We'll guide you through the process and make things easier. 



 When a loved one gets arrested, most  people don’t know what to do next.  1st Call Bail Bonds in Minnesota has experience working with jails and courts to get someone  released.  Leave the paperwork to us, just let us be your first call.   

Be Informed


 Not sure what to do or how much it  will cost?  We'll explain how bail works and what  the expected costs are.  Each case is unique and 1st Call Bail Bonds in Minnesota will explain what to expect at each step. 

Attorney Referrals


Over the years, 1st Call Bail Bonds has connected with several lawyers.  We  can help you find an attorney.

Here when you need us


Always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that when something happens, you can count on 1st Call Bail Bonds in Minnesota to help you and your family in Dodge County and all other Minnesota cities.

Trusted Service


When you work with 1st Call Bail Bonds, you will get trusted service where you'll have all the details to make an informed choice.  We're not flashy, we're informed.